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The Intentional Disciple - Intentionally following Christ

I believe that discipleship, true discipleship, remains a mystery to most Christians.  There is a lack of understanding, of vision, and, of a unified discipleship curriculum in Christianity today.  And because of this confusion, there remains a lack of direction for the Church, at large.  We are growing in numbers but not in depth; a vast majority of converts are not following Christ.

On the web page titled, 'A Difficult Problem', you'll find a discussion regarding this malady.  But more importantly, on the page 'The Solution', you'll find that there is a real answer to this problem, a problem that has plagued the Church for centuries.  The Apostle Matthew has provided the necessary solution, hidden neatly away in his gospel.

My name is Jeffrey Curry and I welcome you to this site.  I hope you'll enjoy your visit.  But more than anything else, I hope this site will benefit you as an individual - as a member of the Church, at large - and further your understanding of a right and proper discipleship to Jesus Christ. 


Please be sure to also visit our sister site, www.theparablediscovery.com

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