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The Parables of Jesus - The Specific Discipleship Curriculum The Parables of Jesus - The Specific Discipleship Curriculum

The book of Matthew is a complex one.  You can choose to read it as a biography.  For this, you'll need no further knowledge.  But if you want to understand it as it was originally written, then you must have the tools to unlock the secrets contained within.  They are first-century Hebrew tools.  The skills, or tools you'll need, are an understanding of their literary construction and, of their ancient Hebraic method of teaching with parables (though you won't need to know Hebrew or Greek).  If you know these two techniques and know how to employ them in the book of Matthew, you'll be able to understand exactly what was the original first-century discipleship curriculum.  There are seven major lessons and three minor lessons.  "How many loaves do you have?"  "Seven and a few small fish."

Everything in the book of Matthew - each individual word - was written with the intention of teaching.  It was Matthew's goal all along to make disciples.  And everything in the book points to the seven kingdom parables in Chapter 13 and the three parables of rejection in Chs. 21-22.  These parables comprise the discipleship curriculum of the Christ, as given to us by Matthew.  I cannot overstate the importance of this fact.

"So how can I put my hands on the original discipleship material?"

Understanding the ancient literary conventions and teaching techniques of the Hebrews is the first step, as they will lead you to the meanings of each of these enigmatic parables.  For when you know these things, with a little help, you'll be able to see the teachings for yourself.  Matthew has left a roadmap to finding these actual lessons.  For the first-century Hebrew, to whom he was writing, it was not nearly as difficult as it is for us.  They had these tools already.  But we do not.  Just reading the gospel will not avail you to the specific curriculum.

Our sister website explains, in greater depth, how you can do this.  You can visit http://www.theparablediscovery.com/gpage5.html if it is your desire to know more about the inner workings of the Gospel of Matthew.  But know this; the original discipleship curriculum was focused on the seven kingdom parables and the mysteries contained therein and you cannot unlock the mysteries without a specific set of tools. 

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